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2016/17 Male Team Champion

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Congratulations to the male team champions from UWC-East!

Congratulations as well to the regional champions.

Europe- American School of London Asia - United World Colleges SEA - East Middle East/Africa - ABA of Muscat South America - Nido

The complete rankings order is:

  1. United World College - East

  2. Shanghai American School Pudong

  3. Nido Swim Club

  4. Singapore American School

  5. Seoul Foreign School

  6. Kuala Lumpur Alice Smith School

  7. American School of London

  8. American British Academy of Muscat

  9. Shanghai American School Puxi

  10. International School of Bangkok

  11. Hong Kong International School

  12. International School of Manilla

  13. United World College - Phoenix

  14. Jakarta International School

  15. Cairo American College

  16. International School of Beijing

  17. American Community School of Abu Dhabi

  18. International School of Brussels

  19. American School of Warsaw

  20. NIST International School

  21. International School of Kuala Lumpur

  22. American School of the Hague

  23. American School of Doha

  24. St. Johns

  25. Concordia Phoenix

  26. British School of Brussels

  27. Dubai American Academy

  28. Bangkok Patana

  29. The International School of Azerbaijan

  30. British School of Jakarta

  31. American International School of Dhaka

  32. Karachi American School

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