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Congratulations to the 2022-23 Mythical Team Champions, Shanghai American School Puxi!

There is a new mythical International School overall champion. Shanghai American School Puxi, in the return from COVID cancellations takes the title for the first time. Continuing the pre-COVID trend, the dominant schools are in Asia with the entire top 10 overall teams being found in Asia.

SAS-Puxi took the overall title on the strength of double second place finishes on the male and female sides. The title from 2018-19 stays in APAC, with SAS-Puxi following the International School of Beijing's title.

The full rankings can be found below.

Congratulations as well to the Regional Champions! Teams must score on both the female and male team scoring lists to be considered for the overall rankings.

Asia - Shanghai American School Puxi Middle East/Africa - Dubai American Academy

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