ISA Conference Presentations

Join us on May 21 for a great slate of presentations focused on making your swimmers faster and your program better. Presentations are by aquatics directors, coaches and athletic directors from around the world including:

  • Taylor Smith - United World College Southeast Asia - East

  • 2017 and 2018 Mythical World Champions

  • Nic Wilson - International School of Beijing

  • 2019 ISA Mythical World Champion

  • Jake Stockman and Connor Francis - Jakarta Intercultural School

  • Rich Molloy - Bangkok Patana School

  • James Lawless - ABA Oman

  • Andy Hailey - Tanglin Trust School

  • George Carpouzis - International School of Kuala Lumpur

  • Angelo Poyo - American International School of Johannesburg

  • Cindy Adair - Bangkok Patana School

  • Matt Lautenbach - Vientiane International School

It is not too late to sign up! If you have not already signed up, click the image below. Links to presentations will be shared in the days before the conference.

Presentation Topics

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